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Khalil Siddiai,  a  Yellow cab driver in Virgina, murdered doing a robbery of about $40.00 in 2009, Wesley Brown, 24, a Maryland State Trooper gunned down outside a Apple bees Restaurant in 2010, Raymond (Scotty Beats) Brown, shot to death as two men were attempting to steal  his auto on October 13, 2006, Jamaal G. Alexis 23, of Landover, Maryland was convicted of second-degree murder in Brown’s murder in 2010.  Chandra Levy, murder in 2001, while jogging in Rock Creek Park, Mary Alice Pratt, murder in her home on Emerald Street, North East, in June 1998, Randy Trotman, gunned down on Quebec Street, North West in June of 2010, residents say another woman wounded doing this shooting, died in late 2010, a  second shooter has not been arrested.  Crystal  Washington, shot to death on Maryland Avenue, North East, in broad day light,  are some of the cases that have seen arrest, convictions, or closure that were feature on this site, even as we had no known actual involvement in these cases arrest, convictions or closure, we are thankful to all who had a part in doing the thing on behalf of those families and the loss souls.  Damion Mikel King was stabbed to death on May 16, 2000, on the 2800 block of Myrtle Avenue, North East, his father requested a review of evidence in his case after ten years, the review by Detective Jeffery Owens,  turn out to be more of reading from the past Detective (Daryle Richmond) report, a few phone calls and then saying the review was completed, without a face to face conversation or talking to persons related to the case, a  review no one should be proud  of. Washington, DC police Chief Cathy Lanier needs better review process of all unsolved murder cases.

Rodney Austin, Jeru Arias, Jamie Bryd, Ashley Black, murder cases have seen no new details according to those who are suppose to try to close unsolved cases, the list of around four thousand cases could and should be review in great detail. Assign six to eight reviewers with an over sight board and investigate ten to twelve cases each month, going over details, interviewing as many people as possible around the cases, increasing the reward to $25,000.00 for information that lead to an arrest and another $25,ooo.oo if it leads to an conviction, during investagation, newspapers, radio and televisions should highlight the cases,  family members should be informed with a full report.  This would be  better then what some see as the  garbage like review Damion Mikel King had.

Other unsolved cases appear to be collecting dust, Binian Gebreyesus, stabbed to death in the 1000 block of Vermont Avenue, North West, Esayas Gebeyth died after a  beating in the 1900 block of 12th Street, North West in July of 2005, Christopher Hall‘s body was found in the trunk of his auto in the 7900 block of Eastern Avenue North West,  on March 22, 2007, a number of police toll tickets were on the window sheild of his auto, Gloria Lopez was stabbed to death in her building  at 1930 Columbia Road, on January 9, 2007, Donte Manning was shot to death outside of the Warner apartments in the 2600 block of 13th Street, North West, There were witness all over that block that night , said D.C. Council member Jim Graham, Donte Manning is the youngest murder person on our site. Dana Nobles, 29 was shot to death while on her porch on July 22, 1994, this currently is the oldest case on our site.

A case that did not get even a sample of the attention as the well known D C case of Chandra Levy occur around October 22, 1999, a body was found , in a wooded area in the 4800 block of First Street, South West, we can only wonder if this case had gotten more attention, maybe it could have been solved, the body was that of Tita Marie Murray, no new information has been reported.

Ms. Murray, body was found in wooded area in October 1999

Ms. Murray, body was found in wooded area in October 1999

Each and every day we are hopeful but not expecting progress on more of these cases to be solved, murders are down in this area, and some police work has been helpful along with other factors in the murder rate decrease, this should allow for more work toward solving some of the cases on this site and the many cases on the police rolls of cold cases. In at least one case, the murder of  Wardell Smith, who was shot to death in the 3000 block of 25th street North East, a police person stated that they knew of the group of family members, who had committed this crime, and other crimes, but could not prove it in a court, this makes one wonder if the police and our justice system needs to work harder together to be able to have the correct evidence to bring murder cases quickly and accurately to a jury to get convictions.  During the killings in this area in the mid eighties and early nineties, many people were of the thought that the police did not care, it  was just young, black, drug selling,thugs,  killing other young, black, drug selling, thugs, it was less of an effort the police had to do, thinking that they were all involve in drugs or some other illegal acts anyway.

The work of a few of those who are suppose to collect evidence, investigate and make arrest are far less on some cases then they should be and in such a way that they help the murderer instead of working in the best interest of the victim, this is a known fact and needs to be corrected by better training, respect for all victims and families and being one hundred percent true their work, if not we need to rid the garbage that mishandle any case.  Donald McGriggs, stabbed November 26, 2002, in the 2700 block of Good Hope Road, South East, Jehu Arias, shot to death in October 2006, on Half Street, South West, Maurice Humbles, shot ot death as he prepared to deliver his Washington Post papers in the 1200 block of Chaplin Street, South East, Umar Saunders shot in the rear of 4477  B Street, South east on November 24, 2004, Hong Zhi Wang shot to death while making a carry-out delivery in the 1300 block of Barnaby Terrance South East,  are just some of the still unsolved murders in our capitol city. The murders of Randy Strope, Ryan Strope and  Andres (Andy) Yelicie in the Stropes home on a quite street, with intruders that hacked or stabbed all three men to death appeared to have had some clues that were meaningful, but remains unsolved, too many killers get away. The murder of a young teen girl, who was waiting out front for her father to get off from working at the Sunflower Carry Out in the 5600 block of  Sargent Road in Chillum,  Maryland, was one of the three feature murders that help launch this site, witness said her father cried, I only have one daughter. She was so beautiful. She was a good student, and collapsed to the ground beside her.  Sadly no arrest have been made, eighteen year old Zheng Xianjuan was shot to death on September 20, 2006.  Tyrone Parker, shot to death in the 1900 block of Naylor Road, South East, on February 22, 2005, Georgry Shipe, shot to death while walking his dog in the 1700 block of Irving Street, North West on September 7, 2005  join the long list of unsolved murders.

We may see some success in getting some justice, but there are many cases that show no sign or too little in the way of some type of real effort in trying to add to the list of cases that are solved. The police will often say cold cases are still active, meaning what?, the case files are still in some file cabinet, waiting until someone walk into their office and say: My name is John Doe,  I murder so and so on June 15, 1968 at 1:22 am in front of the Fifth police district, please, it don’t happen that way, detective sitting on his or her rear end does little to help our communities, people living in fear and seeing crime without coming forward quickly wtih clues share in this long tragic loss of lives that may one day claim one of us as a victim.

July 22,1994, murdered while sitting on her porch

July 22,1994, murdered while sitting on her porch

The murder of  of 83 year old Lila Meizell of Wheaton, Maryland, by Jose Alrarado 38, who was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to life without parole along with his cousin Ramon Alvardo33, Jose  had often done yard work for Ms. Meizell.   When was the last time Dana Nobles files were dusted off and someone got up and done some footwork to look for any thing to connect the dots in getting the person or persons for taking her life? depriving her family and friends of her loss at the hands of a killer who may or have killed again. Jennifer Zoch, loss her life to a murdered on March 23, 1998, in the 900 block of M Street, North West, are these cases cold cases or are they forgotten cases, until we do more to reduce the files of cold cases, gathering dust quicker then we can reflect.

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