DC, Deadly Colored?


In the last two decades far too many murders of black people have occurred. People with abundance of life ahead, are brutally cut short. The bloody hands of the killers are mostly young black thugs.  Some of these murders lose most of their life by taking a life. Over 70% of people who kill or are killed are between 18 and 24 years young. In our city, the murders don’t know or care to simply cherish life.

Our so-called justice system needs an overhaul, but will control the so-called bad-asses, bleak future for sure. Their past childhood dreams, desire, plans of what life could or should have been, loss. Too many are never caught. Leading to more killings and lasting pain for families, without some closure. Some of these wanna be thugs  prance around with their government court order ankle chain as a badge of hood honor, fronting their wanna be street reputation. Others foolishly embrace their ill doings, viewing any law as unfair unless it’s in their interest.

A few children of the nineties making more sleepless nights for some city leaders, other leaders spin crime words looking toward their next election. Young children in some areas are told to run inside, not if, but when you hear gun fire. Those guns, not made here, in the hands of youth make up nearly a third of all murders, spreading fear across areas of the city.

Blame for the latest up rise in DC homicides, seem to be taking a target toward DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Continue reading

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Time and Chances


 We all get second, third, fourth or many more chances to do the right thing in time, for too many the recycle of being in and out of jail is something normal. Why any human wants to continue to live behind bars, to be fed and cared for similar to animals in a zoo, or even worse losing their life in crime soon after being release from jail. Some chances in time are limited and death often follows terrible choices. All people, mostly the young need to learn to take advantages of good chances they have to make the best opportunities to live a long and good life to its fullest. Continue reading

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One of Four Thousand + Unsolved Cases

Photo - Keith Capies Keith Capies


Eight years after Keith Capies was found shot dead behind a trash bin in Southeast Washington, D.C. cold case detectives are searching for anything to jump-start the investigation.

On Jan. 8, 2004, the 19-year-old Capies returned home from work and said hello to his parents. He then went back outside, where he planned to meet friends and hang out for the evening, police said. Continue reading

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The Last Steps of Damion M. King


The tragic cause of the death of Damion (Dirty) M. King was like some of the many unsolved crimes, a petty beef, usually over  drugs, girls or money, sometimes it’s all three. In the tens of thousands of spoken words from the November 2002, jury trial, United States Of American versus Glenn E. Davis, Jr., a few words spoken recycle to the tragic night of May 16, 2000 and the last steps of Damion Mikel King, believed murder by the hands of some of those prime suspects who were recounting the night their friend/cousin had met his fate and who had encountered the steps of Damion and fled with his blood on their hands.

In mid- April and May of 2000, Damion (Dirty) was a regular around the area of the 3100 block  of Newton Street, North East a known drug area at that time, across from the Maryland line of Eastern Avenue, on some weekends the area was cluster with slow-moving cars line to purchase drugs, a few teens wanted to control the block of  detach single family homes where some people had lived for several decades, leaving the nights to the drug crowd as police seem to ignore the block as they enter and left Sunny Carry Out with their chicken wings or Chinese food, Continue reading

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Slaying of Shin, Remains a Mystery

A request by a friend of a murdered victim that occurred over ten years ago, brought this article to our site, at the time of the request, I wish I had news of his case being close with an arrest or conviction.  I had very little information, but had listed a poem written by the victim years ago to our site title – Dream a Little Dream.  After talking with the Montgomery County Police and waiting a few minutes as they check their records, the detective reported the case was Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin, Speak Up to Truth

I am Trayvon Martin, some signs say, as many people, young ,old, black, Hispanic, white, college, and nearly all walks of life  have chanted in demonstration across our country,  many in hoodies crying out for justice in the killing of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin.  It is good to see people come together to seek justice in any and all cases were true justice has been lacking, some people have come from far places to take a stand in what some see as a open and close case for the arrest of the shooter George Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother Hispanic, Zimmerman claims self-defense.

The truth is, Continue reading

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Sentencing In Triple Slaying

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) – A Maryland man was sentenced to life in prison Friday for his role a 2008 triple slaying that has been called one of the most vicious attacks in the region in recent times, one that went unsolved for more than two years.

The Nov. 19, 2008, stabbings of brothers Continue reading

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Facts and Rumors

Often in murder cases there is the fact of a dead body, who”s life we will no longer be able to communicate with as we once did, he or she is dead. No one on this earth can bring them back. Then their are the rumors as to why, who, what, where of street talk that sometimes never get the full attention of the police, as to who murder whom, and why. Between facts and rumors, little get solved, detectives will say they can not build a case on hearsay, they need a eye Continue reading

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Just tell what you heard

If someone murdered your friend, or your sister, brother or mother, you would want someone to tell, wouldn’t you, be honest, you would want a snitch.

D.C police found Bobby L. Jackson early in the morning of June 25, slumped over dead and unarmed in a lawn chair after being shot in the back at least seven times. Many more shell casings were scattered nearby.

More than two months after the shooting, Continue reading

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A Family’s Long Wait

Even though he has answers now after so many years there were none – his grief scabbing over but never healing, his stubbornness and persistence all that kept him going – William McCabe is still adding to th book about his son.  He pores over its pages, editing here, scribbling there, his hands, at 83, not as dexterous as they used to be. “Don’t look back .” he says. ” there’s stuff there that I’m going to give to the police.” Continue reading

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